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    What we do

    Program and Project Development

    Through our project development we assist communities and international donor organisations in transforming ideas into project plans through defining the processes needed to complete a project and identifying areas of improvement to help the project run more smoothly. With our program development, we work with communities, state and local governments and organisations in the planning and creation of a set of actions or projects designed for a specific purpose or to implement policies. For example; a child welfare program or an agricultural mechanization program.


    Onyx IAL believes in human capital development and because of that, we offer a variety of training to individuals and organizations. We offer general training, project-specific training as well as custom-designed training tailored for organizations that request. Some of the trainings that we offer at Onyx IAL include:

    • Investments and money management
    • Capacity Development and Leadership
    • Project and program management.
    • Agricultural development and practices

    Investment Promotions and Facilitation

    We at Onyx IAL bring investment opportunities to the attention of potential investors, through investment promotion. We also provide support to investors through our investment facilitation ensuring that investors do not face undue hurdles in establishing or expanding investments or in conducting their business, including opaque, confusing, or burdensome regulatory requirements; complicated or delayed administrative procedures; difficulties in understanding or assessing investment opportunities; corruption; or a lack of critical infrastructure or services. Some of the services we offer in Investment promotion and facilitation include;

    • Investment Intelligence

    Here, we use Investment intelligence for the identification and evaluation of a particular investor or potential client’s investment insights gathered from public web data sources.

    • Location Marketing

    At Onyx IAL we use location marketing through the use a mobile device’s location to distribute content or services (such as push notifications) associated with a particular place.

    • Investor Due Diligence

    Investor progression is important to us at Onyx IAL and because of that we always carry out Investor Due Diligence by analyzing and mitigating risks from a business or investment decision for our clients and investors.

    Private Sector Development

    We at Onyx IAL work with organizations in Private Sector Development through

    • Market Development

    We take strategic steps to develop the existing market rather than looking for a new market. This way we aid our clients and Investors in improving the gains in their already laid investments instead of having to go out and look for new ones


    • Value Chain Development

    At Onyx IAL we also believe in development through agriculture and we work towards developing the agricultural sector through value chain development and this entails supporting pro-poor development and job creation through strengthening enterprises, business relationships, and improving market structures and the business environment. We also use value chain development to assist in developing local micro and small enterprises and help in overcoming constraints such as poor market access and little bargaining power.

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